Power Course StudentsPower Course Students
Power courses are designed for those with limited time. They consist of any where from one day to seven weeks of intensive one on one training on campus. Students will come to CIOMIT campus for training in the discipline they request. For example; You want to learn basic skills on clarinet. You would schedule a one week Power Course, travel to CIOMIT, (obtain your own hotel), attend five six-hour days of instruction, and return home. If you just want to learn guitar set up, one six-hour day and you are equipped to begin standard guitar set ups.


You will be leaving with basic tools as well as a list of tools and supplies you will need to acquire, and support (or "after care"), once you return home.

Costs run from $250.00 to $450.00 per day depending on length of stay. For example a one week Power Course would be $1,792.

Depending on the course you take, your tool kit will run from $190.00 to $1,929.00 in addition to the tuition.

This is a full week with lot's of one on one training. Come prepared to work hard!

Contact dparker@ciomit.com for further details.