Champions for Music Education

CIOMIT and the Smart Foundation partnered together to bring music education support to the Douglas County Schools. With recent budget cuts across the country music education is threatened and in many cases cut from the curriculum. With all the evidence showing the many benefits of music education, the Champions for Music Ed program can help reinstate music classes that have been cut from school programs.

Below is the outline from our first meeting. If you are interested in joining or finding out more information please give Dan Parker a call 303-663-4084or drop him an email
Champions for Music Ed 1Champions for Music Ed 1Champions for Music EdChampions for Music Ed

Douglas County
Music Education Town Hall Meeting

Welcome – Dan Parker: CIOMIT

• Chris Clark: CEO/Founder - The SMART Foundation
 GIFT/Mentor Programs

 Challenges & Victories

• $800,000 raised


Purpose for Meeting
• Status of Music Education in Douglas County School District

 “Champions for Music Education”

 Members

• Parents/Teachers/Community

• “The Power of Ten”

 Private/Public Partnerships (Social Enterprise)

• Arts Organizations

• Business Community – Local/National