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Ever thought about repairing musical instruments?

Musical instrument repair programs prepare people to build, repair, and maintain musical instruments. Students learn to clean, tune, and repair all types of instruments. They also learn to instruct customers in tuning and caring for instruments.

At Colorado Institute Of Musical Instrument Technology (CIOMIT) we offer education and training in the field of musical instrument repair, focusing on the disciplines of brass, woodwind, strings, and percussion. This includes oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, flute, guitar, violin, and more! We teach the skills and knowledge that can be used to pursue a career as a musical instrument technician; taught by some of the foremost leaders in the field.

The musical instrument repair field is always in need of quality repair technicians. You can choose to work for a Music Store or hang your own shingle as many of or CIOMIT graduates have done. It is a business you can do from home or in a small retail storefront. You will need additional experience to become an accomplished technician after training at CIOMIT, but with our on going support and after care you will be able to achieve your goal of becoming an musical instrument technician.

CIOMIT has a number of scholarships specially set aside for Wounded Warriors. If you have an interest in repairing musical instruments we encourage you to call or write Daniel Parker, President of CIOMIT. He can be reached at dparker@ciomit.com, or by telephone at 303-663-4084.