CIOMIT for Music Educators

CIOMIT is know for our custom classes. We can design a class that is right for you and your situation.

For music educators we have some great options. Contact us today and find out why Carl had this to say about CIOMIT!

Here is a comment from an online class!
I'm already so amazed about how this whole thing works. I'm working with Teachers' College At Columbia on a masters in mus Ed and simultaneously taking student teachers. I know a course like this would be so valuable! I'm gonna spread the word to my colleagues and students. Thanks so much, Daniel.

Rachel Klem
Music Teacher
The School at Columbia University

And from an on campus student!
"As a band director, I have been interested in musical instrument repair for many years. Like many school districts, our district must use the lowest bidder and this can (and in my case did) result in using a repair shop that isn’t the one you would choose if given a choice. After many years of sub-par work on our district inventory, I discovered CIOMIT in an online search. I decided to submit a proposal to my school district to see if, in exchange for the training, I could start doing some of our district repair work. “Dr. Dan” Parker was extremely helpful through the entire proposal process. He provided me with tool lists and prices that I could provide to my school district, and answered any questions I or my district had. The training I received was top notch. After just the first day, I was blown away! I was able to take 3 power courses over 3 weeks and it was an incredible experience. Dr. Dan, Bradley, and Brian are all extremely knowledgeable and they are very conscientious instructors. They definitely care about their student’s success. I feel like I was given a very solid foundation in repair and, with the after-course support the school provides, I know that if I have a problem, CIOMIT will be there to help. The online flute class will be next and I can’t wait to get going!"

Carl McCurry
Tucson, Arizona
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