Thank you so much Dr. Dan and his wonderful crew for the amazing time and learning experience at CIOMIT. All the fellow students were fantastic and always willing to offer a helping hand. The culture and atmosphere at CIOMIT are incredible. I hadn't had so much fun in a class before!

A brief background about myself. I have no music background, knew absolutely nothing about any musical instruments, didn't even know the names of the parts of all the musical instruments. I signed up for the brass power course and basic woodwind course; with zero knowledge of music. I walked away with a load of new information, motivation to learn music and be a great repairman.

Dan was so patient with me. He was more than willing to share tricks of the repairing trade, superb at explaining and demonstrating. He is one of the most passionate teachers that I've ever met. His main objective is not just for his students to learn but to master the skills.

During my 2 weeks CIOMIT, I learnt more than what was stated in the syllabus. Whenever an interesting/ unique repair entered the shop, he would show it to us. That is the best teaching moment you can ever get.

Again, thank you so much and hope I'll have a chance to visit CIOMIT in the near future.


Absolutely fantastic training. I want to thank Dan and his crew for the outstanding training during the one-week brass power course I completed June 7-12, 2015. The course was way beyond my expectations. Valve adjustments, dent removal, correct soldering techniques, trombone slide adjustments, rotary valve adjustments, lathing, magnetic dent removal and more were all part of this wonderful and eye opening one week course. I learned more in one week at CIOMIT than I learned in a college semester, no kidding. Utterly mind blowing experience. Everyone, from the administrative staff to fellow students were friendly and more than willing to help teach proper repair techniques. What I appreciated the most was that there was no reluctance to teach all there is to know about a particular method of repair. Dan and everyone else wanted me to succeed and become a professional repairman. I highly recommend this training. Once again, thank you Dan.

San Diego, CA,

I’m Kim.
We had been arrived at our hometown.
It took so long time to write this mail. I’m so sorry.

The time at Denver must be a dream. I think.
It’ was...really great.
You gave me a big chance and that chance is enough to change my life.
CIOMIT has amazing curriculum especially for the student like me.
Whenever I see the certification that you grant to me, I’m really proud of myself as a repairman also as a father. You and CIOMIT were the turning point of my life. Really thank you. I know it is not enough to write down just 2 letters. You did really great thing to me.

The good time at your house...it was my honor.
And I can’t forget you and warm hearted people in CIOMIT.
Me, my wife and little baby. I know it was big challenge to me and you. I’m really appreciate you to treat my family with smile. Because of your smile, my family had great time at CIOMIT.

And from now, as a fresh repairman, I’ll do my best. Thanks again. You made my second life. I can’t forget your effort.

Happy new year!!
(Tomorrow is a new year’s day of Chinese and Korean.)
From South Korea.
Kim,Lee & big baby.


Hi Daniel,

Bones just finished his first job successfully (quite a challenge being a tuba to start with) - our workshop is up and running and the last tools and parts on your list should be here shortly.

I want to thank you sincerely for making this possible for us and for your input in Bones life which went much further than just brass repairs. He came back with a whole new positive attitude and with a lot of self-confidence.

The money we spent was overshadowed by the value you offered and we feel we can recommend CIOMIT to anyone anywhere in the world for excellent repair training.

Kind Regards


South Africa

I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful 2 week experience. You are a wonderful and very patient teacher, and I learned quite a bit.
I may come back for a woodwind class at some point. Again thanks for a wonderful time and hope to be in touch.

Dr. Jeffrey Kappa
June 28, 2013


Dr. Dan,

I just want to thank you for all the valuable tips when I took your class. That was a lot of information to take in at one time, but was well worth it. I plan on taking more when I can get the money saved. You and your crew are the best at explaining things because I find myself explaining what is wrong to the kids and they look at me like I am crazy. Just fix it I am sure they are thinking. Already I have taken apart a flute, clarinet and a saxophone and put it back successfully. By the way, the sax had a mouthpiece stuck in it near the upper stack. I should of taken a picture.
I am going to open my own shop to fix small things like that and do what you taught me all summer.

Thank you very much and you were right Dr. Dan, it is like an addiction. Once I started, I didn't want to stop.

John Barker
Director of Music Ollivier Middle School
Bakersfield, CA 93307

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your dedication in teaching the Power Courses. The knowledge and skills I have gained is invaluable. Every day as I work I am amazed at the things that come back to me that I have learned. Your teaching, mastery of repair and organization of these courses is remarkable. I was fortunate to have chosen CIOMIT.

Every important question I asked was answered thoroughly.

Bob Barbato


I would like to thank God for the opportunity that he has given me to do instrument repair course at CIOMIT. I have learned a lot about repairs and caring for the instrument. Daniel Parker have been a good teacher to me through out the course. His advise and encouragement was awesome.

Daniel Parker had to make sure I am doing the right thing during the course. I am pleased to have done this course that is likely to change my Career in the music industry as an Instrument Technician at International School of Kenya.

Thanks to Daniel Parker and CIOMIT staff for a good learning environment and I strongly recommend any body that what do instrument repair course to join CIOMIT.

Kennedy Wando
Arts Centre Assistant
Just wanted to take some time and let you know how much I enjoyed the course, meeting your staff and the other students, and learning so very much.
Once I returned to New Orleans, I was still full of excitement and knowledge from my learning experience at CIOMIT. Even though I am back to my busy schedule I had to take the time to tell you how much I appreciated the patience and excellent information that you and your staff extended to me.
I took this course to learn to repair the instruments at the school where I am director of bands. In New Orleans we do not have an instrument repair business, we have to send our instruments to nearby Slidell or wait until a repairman comes to the city. It is very important to me and my band to have instruments repaired in a timely manner and a professional manner. I proudly display my certification in my office to show my students that learning in an on-going process at all ages.
With the skills I learned from CIOMIT, I am capable of taking my skills to another level and I would definitely recommend this program. Kudos to Dan Parker for his leadership and insight in helping the music of the nation and of the world to continue to flourish in perfect pitch and harmony.
Thanks and I will be in touch.

Jeffery Herbert
DOB St Augustine High School
New Orleans, LA

I had considered learning instrument repair for several years. I researched the available schools for instrument repair. Most schools offered two year program which would not fit my schedule. CIOMIT offered a program more suited to my needs. I chose to attend the Power Courses so I could get started on my new career as soon as possible. I spent 7 weeks at CIOMIT and enjoyed every minute. The atmosphere at CIOMIT was always upbeat and welcoming. Dan and Bradley were extremely patient. They shared their years of knowledge and experience to make sure I had the necessary skills to become a repairman. My time at CIOMIT was well worth every penny and I would recommend the program to anyone interested in instrument repair.

Mr. Louis Lents.
Forte Music Repair
Arlington, Texas

I would highly recommend CIOMIT and Dan Parker to any music educator who would like to learn some instrument repair skills. The one-on-one instruction is great and Dan is an excellent teacher, as well as a very nice person. Come to Castle Rock; you'll be glad you did!!

Robert Goldsmith
Las Vegas NV


Many thanks to you and Bradley for all your excellent teaching and patience! I learned a lot in 5 days. It is truly a Power Course. (By the way, feel free to give my number to any student that would like to talk to an "alumni". Having experienced both in-house and online courses I would be happy to try to answer any questions they might have.)

Ken Wilson



I have been busy as a one armed paper hanger since I got back from your Brass power course. I’ve been working on some flutes and clarinets, both mine and customers. It’s a really good feeling to be able understand what’s going on with the instruments, and to be able to put them in good playing order, and to know when they are in good playing order. I enjoyed taking the flute, clarinet and brass classes from you, and can’t say enough good about your teaching methods, you knowledge of instruments and instrument repair, as well as your ability to convey that knowledge to your students in a very short time. I have also been studying the videos that you sent home with me, and they are very good to help me recall the things you taught me in your class. I also appreciate your testimony of our Savior, and your willingness to share that with me. I feel you have found your life mission in imparting to others the great knowledge that you have spent most of your lifetime acquiring, and I thank you for that. I hope to be able to continue taking classes from you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Claude Nielsen
Black foot, ID


I wanted to say THANK YOU for an incredible learning experience. You were a terrific teacher and Bradley was really helpful, knowledgable too. You made me feel comfortable when something did not come easily, and I really appreciate that.

You both are wonderful instructors. I really appreciated all of the "back up" kind of plans or ways to approach different situations. (If this way doesn't work, try this way etc.) It was very clear that you both know, and have expertise in the many ways band repair situations can play themselves out. Thanks for sharing some of that with me. You two are amazing.

Thanks again for offering such a great class.


I've seen Daniel Parker take a gold plated, piccolo trumpet that has had the bell CRUSHED and I mean crushed and repair it on the spot (I am a 35 year veteran Hill Country Brass Quintet, trumpet player) with nothing but a dent hammer, a burnisher and a zip-lock bag! This was the first time I realized that Dan was an artist. I have been working on brass instrument repair for a little over a year after taking a two week course at CIOMIT in the spring of 2010. Nobody else has or could have offered me the experience I received at CIOMIT. I'll admit I was a little bit (a lot, to be honest) skeptical at first.

If you are thinking about doing instrument repair as a business, take a course at CIOMIT. Dan will show you a REAL WORLD knowledge of instrument repair. As a testament, Dan has stood by and supported me for over a year... answering questions, giving me ideas on how to overcome problems, making supply and distributor recommendations, pricing comparisons, and quite honestly, giving me the confidence to go on.... and I will.

It is a great feeling if you are up for it. It is a lot of work and demands a lot of creative energy. Dan has always been there for me! Keep re-thinking!

Randy Heaton


A year or so ago I decided to look into possibly going to instrument repair school to learn to fix saxophones and maybe clarinets. Needless to say I was dismayed to find out that there were very few schools to choose from and all of these required a fulltime commitment with existing waiting lists, relocation to another part of the country, etc.

I spent many months reading forums, how-to’s, watching videos, etc. and tinkered enough to realize I would really benefit from training. Thankfully I found CIOMIT on the internet! They had three really great things going for them. One, they were just 250 miles north of me right there in Castle Rock, Colorado and two, they did Power courses and internet based courses! Finally a school using today’s technology. Thirdly – they had Dan Parker. Dan sports a 35 plus year career designing, building and repairing instruments and has a very distinguished list of pros who swear by his work. With a resume like that I was confident I would be learning from a Master Craftsman in the trade – what more can you ask for?

After contacting Dan Parker and scheduling a video tour of the working repair shop/school, I ended up needing to travel to Colorado Springs so I took the tour in person the next week instead. Absolutely a top notch facility as it is also a fulltime functioning repair shop! As a result I enrolled in a Fundamental Saxophone Power Course. What we used to call a one-week-intensive!

I have just returned from my power course on Saxophone Fundamentals at CIOMIT and I am still basking in the afterglow! Dan was organized, vastly knowledgeable, very logical and was as eager for me to grasp the nuances as I was to learn them! I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor to learn from! I don’t see how you could improve on the week I just spent learning by doing. From my collection of horns we chose a Bundy II tenor with a hellacious set of dents, bent body, broken braces and key guards, bent neck and some bad and missing springs as my candidate for the week. From the lectures to the fostering of creative problem solving to the cohesive logic of the mechanics all the way through the art of brass work and floating pads I was at once entranced with epiphany after epiphany and challenged to as best I could anchor into memory the techniques he has refined over 3 plus decades of bending these horns to his will.

I can say with great pride (picture silverback drumming chest!...) that when the week was over that old tenor, replete with absent dents, straightened body and neck, sporting new pads and properly soldered braces, correctly articulating keys that move in silence… played ‘in tune’ with no leaks – first test! It wasn’t magic, voodoo or even rocket science because of Dan’s teaching. It was beauty in its purest form!

I have scheduled a re-lacquer power course and will be restoring my extremely pitted YAS-62. A proper non-over buffed re-lacquer job is just what the brass needs to last another 25 years. Dan Parker has unlocked the mysteries and magic of saxophone repair for me and I will be forever grateful to him for his willingness to guide and the friendship we have begun.

Thanks Doctor Dan!
Bob Blossom, New Mexico


I had thought of learning instrument repair for several years but the inflexibility of existing programs kept me from pursuing it. After being laid off last fall in the current economic disaster, I decided to look into this again and found CIOMIT. At last, a program that might work for me! I started corresponding with Dan Parker about CIOMIT and his programs. He always responded quickly with all of the information I needed and worked to set up a schedule that would fit my needs.

I attended three consecutive weeks of Power courses in brass, clarinet, and flute repair on campus this past February. The classes were intense but fun and relaxed at the same time. The knowledge and teaching skills Dan displayed went far beyond my expectations. There was more to repair than I realized and Dan worked hard to make sure I learned as much as could be learned in that amount of time. Even my mistakes were turned into positive learning experiences. Dan and the rest of his staff at CIOMIT were so supportive and welcoming that I felt right at home very quickly.

In addition to the repair training, I had the opportunity to observe how Dan runs his business. In my entire time there, I can't recall a single customer who wasn't delighted and satisfied with the attentive, high quality, personal service they received. There are many businesses that could learn a thing or two from Dr. Dan about how to treat their customers.

Dan has continued to be helpful in answering my questions as I set up my own shop in Vermont. I plan to take additional classes from CIOMIT as soon as I am able.

David Askren


It’s not every week that I get to learn as much as I did in the one that I spent at CIOMIT. Dan is most informative. Any question you have is answered. His many years of experience provide an incredible well of knowledge. The flexibility of this training program allows for the individual’s needs/preferences to be met. Your classes are tailored to learn the skills your interested in. I went to CIOMIT wanting to learn mostly guitar setup, and flute repair. It’s exactly what I got. My expectations were met in every way; from the hands-on learning, to the patient teacher (thanks Dan), to the relaxed atmosphere. All around, an excellent learning experience.

Tim Hurst
Lebec, CA


Dan Parker is an excellent teacher and businessman. He prepared me to accomplish my goal of starting a small business repairing and overhauling clarinets and flutes in one month. Dan’s teaching of techniques and careful filming of procedures allow the student to review the process slowly and perfect the technique. While attending CIOMIT, I was privileged to watch Dan teach a group of students at another location I was amazed by the computer equipment and how well he was able to show with great detail the repairs. The students in California could see, as well I could, how to repair the clarinet. I now have confidence in taking on online class to study Saxophone Repair.

Dan taught me to make many tools saving hundreds of dollars in start up business costs. Dan loves what he does, and that shows everyday in his cheerful and optimistic disposition. He creates an ideal learning environment. The shop is beautiful and every customer who enters with a broken instrument says “this place is great”. I couldn’t agree more.

Cindy Allen


Dear Dr. Dan,

I would like to thank you for the fantastic week you gave me. It was an unbelievable vacation. I had a wonderful time and the experience was beyond my expectations. Not only did I learn how to do professional saxophone work, but I got to walk away from the learning experience with the instrument I restored. This was worth at least half of the cost of the course in itself. After I start putting the knowledge to use, the investment will pay for itself many times over. I learned soldering, dent removal, key swedging, floating pads, how to recork and refelt, hard soldering, putting the keys into regulation and countless other things. I can’t speak highly enough of the experience. I especially appreciated your relaxed, informative teaching style. It is an exact match for what I need to learn best. I plan to come back and take more courses as soon as possible! It has been a dream of mine for a long time to get into this field, but it was always out of reach, with my job, family and the need to travel thousands of miles and spend years in school. Your flexible schedule and my luck in finding you on the internet changed all that! I now have no doubt that I will be able use these new skills to perform the highest level woodwind work.

Thanks again,

Eric Grovum
Brighton, CO

(Update from Eric below)_____________________________

Hi Dr. Dan!

Just thought I'd give you an update on my progress. I've spent a lot of time tooling up. I'm currently restoring a conn tenor from around 1920. I'm starting to get decent at dent removal. Next up will be a Buescher alto that will require major dent work.

Between saving for tools, fabricating my own tools where possible, and setting up a repair shop in my basement, it's taken quite a bit of time to get up and running in my spare time, but it is very rewarding to take an instrument that was painstakingly crafted 90 years ago and giving it new life.

I also did some work on my Mk 6 alto, and it is playing better and more in tune than ever.

I'm thinking of taking a clarinet power course in the beginning of 2010.

Eric Grovum
Brigthton, CO


Hi Dan,

Wanted to say thanks for your instruction on clarinet repair. I found you to be an excellent instructor (speaking as one that has been in the education business since 1980).

The class taking place in an operating repair shop was a real bonus, and one that I have never seen in academia.

I found your approach to repair very useful not only for repairing clarinets, but to repairing almost anything!

Thanks again for a great experience!

Paul Schroder
Denver, Colorado


In looking over my options for repair school, I chose CIOMIT several reasons: 1) a person can get a “sufficient” education at any of the schools, however the student / teacher ratio indicates that CIOMIT offers the most personalized education available. 2) the financial investment into tools appears to be the lowest of any of the schools, 3) I was able to learn techniques at CIOMIT that some technicians never learn.

I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of teaching I have received. Dan teaches you how to repair with a minimum of tools and then introduces you to more modern tools and techniques. He demands excellence, and makes sure you encounter "real world" repairs (such as minor PCs, repairing holes, making some parts, full overhauls, etc.) Because of (what I understand are) his plans to cap enrollment at a certain number, I don't know where I could get a more personalized education.

Another advantage is that you don't have to wait until a certain time to begin classes. I think he asks for 2 weeks notice (double check with him), and if there is space, you can start. If you need to pause in the 9-month course, he is reasonably flexible.

Those taking the online classes are furnished with tools required for that class (unless you already have that particular tool). Those taking on campus tools are not required to purchase any tools. This allows you after graduation to know what you need and what you can do without.

I would recommend CIOMIT to anyone needing repair training at any level including continuing education.

Brent C
Summerduck, VA


Recently I took two apprentices from the SMART Foundation repair shop to attend a one week intensive program at CIOMIT and it was one of the single best repair classes I have ever attended. Dan Parker (our students call him Dr. Dan) and his staff provided a program that was not only informative but extremely comprehensive. The knowledge we gained has helped us provide a better level of PC service to the patrons of the SMART Foundation, while helping us develop better repair practices. The hands on experience along with personalized training helped our apprentices develop new techniques for repair along with helping us to understand the need for proper tooling.

We look forward to a continued relationship with CIOMIT through their Online Training process.

As someone who has been involved in the music industry for many years I understand the need for properly trained instrument repair technicians, and whether your stores starting a new shop or you are looking to provide extended training for existing techs, I highly recommend the services provided by Dr.Dan at CIOMIT.

Chris Clark
The SMART Foundation

I looked all over the world for a place that would do what Dan Parker's school/shop does. Before I found Dan I had considered going to England where I had found a fellow who does weekend and 4 day workshop etc.... It was far away and the expense was considerable. I looked at all of the schools in the US and Canada but none had the kind of instruction that I wanted when I wanted. Most of the schools wanted you to come for a semester or something like that which would mean time off work, living expenses etc.... When I found Dan’s place I asked if I could come for just a few days and he said no problem, “let me know what you want to study” and when you want to come. Since I had some experience I knew where I was most deficient so I sent him a list of the areas that I wanted to study and he said “come on down”.

When I got there I was pleasantly surprised by the size and
scope of the shop. He had a table/bench ready for me to go. There were at least two or three other students there as well. Some had already been there for several months another had just arrived the same day as I had but would stay longer than I. We got started right away, the information and ideas just kept coming and coming. I learned some amazing time savers. I am cut my flute repair time in half or more with what I learned. All of my work has been significantly upgraded to a much higher level. Now I feel that I can do everything that I used to do only much faster and much better than before. I have also learned many things that I could not do before and that will help me to expand into other areas that will be very beneficial for my situation.

My time was short but very intense. If I had a question he would answer it. If I need him to do it again, no problem he would do the technique again. If I wanted to try it, no problem he would show me and I would do it. Great tools, great shop, great instruction... Time was good for me and I stayed in a hotel that was only about 3 blocks or so from his place. One of the things that I enjoyed was Dan's “new tools out of old things” He was constantly bringing up tools that we could make out of existing tools. Great money saving ideas and a big help to someone just starting out.

If you are thinking of learning a lot or a little about instrument repair I highly recommend Dan Parker's CIOMIT!

Best of luck,

Carmen Farruggia - Folsom Cordova Unified School District Instrument Repair Technician =

Two nights before the Fireman’s Ball (yes, they still have those in western Kansas) I got my horn out to practice. After a couple of minutes of squeaking and swaking it was evident something hand gone horribly wrong. The nearest instrument repairman was 65 miles away. After several hours and a 130 mile round trip, my horn was fixed. I decided it was time to look into some instrument repair training.

Being a full time cop and a single parent, I could not attend one of the traditional repair schools. This is when I found CIOMIT. I was skeptical. Learn repair work online? How could that work? Do I have to be a major computer geek? Will I learn anything? I was amazed! The format worked great. The first night we set up the equipment and we were ready to go. Dan’s easy going style of teaching and patience is what makes this work. My home computer system was sufficient and the investment the camera was very modest. I had never had a clarinet apart in my life. Now I have a pile of them waiting for repair.

Dan’s years of experience and knowledge are an asset that is found in very few places. The small class size and Dan’s willingness to teach allows the student to learn at their own pace. Not only did I learn the mechanical aspects of the vocation, Dan also shared business, supplier and customer relation tips that otherwise could only be learned through “hard knocks”. Dan understands things happen. I had to reschedule a class… no problem. We even had to stop class one night because of a tornado!!!

If you have an interest in instrument repair and are limited for time and money this is the only way to go. Dan’s gift for instrument repair coupled with the personality of a teacher make him truly deserving of the title Dr. Dan!!

Brian J. Bellendir
Great Bend, Kansas


Having just completed the CIOMIT Band Instrument Repair OnLine Classes for Clarinet I feel I can offer my opinion about the class and the CIOMIT OnLine Program.

My career as a piano tuner for 15 years lead me to seek training in other areas of instrument repair. I found the CIOMIT program in an online ad on the Clarinet Bulletin Board and contacted the school for more information.

I appreciate the professionalism and advanced technology the school offers in their online program. For years I had wanted to receive training but moving to another state was not an option. The online program fit my needs perfectly.

I signed up for the Clarinet Repair course as a trial to see how the program would work for me. The Web Cam technology far superseded my expectations and the classes were clear with precise demonstrations by the instructor in the technology I needed to learn. The one on one contact with the instructor at the school and me in my own shop was excellent. This allowed for questions to be answered as I was learning.

I am so impressed with the program and satisfied with the results that I have decided to complete further training through CIOMIT. I would like to add that I am also a professional musician and have a good understanding for the need for quality instrument repair. The training provided by CIOMIT, "Dr. Dan" Parker president, is the beginning step toward mastery in this field.

Jack D. Carter
Milton, Vermont


The Instruction I received from Mr. Parker has lead to a career in instrument repair that I never could have imagined. From law enforcement officer to instrument technician in a short amount of time is a testimony to the level of expertise and ability to share it with his students. My life changed dramatically for the better after sitting under the tutelage of “Dr. Dan”

Greg Bullard - EMC (Fayetteville, NC)


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I just wanted to thank you again for a great week of wonderful experience and knowledge. Hope to see you again in the future.