CIOMIT Global Philanthropy

“By contributing to the world community of music, (giving with no expectation) we add to the overall welfare of individuals and society.” CIOMIT Mission StatementAfrica 1Africa 1
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At Colorado Institute of Musical Instrument Technology (CIOMIT) we take our mission statement seriously. We take every opportunity to make instrumental music education a part of a students well rounded curriculum. When a student is involved in arts education, proven results occur. Higher SAT scores, better communication skills, team work and an overall positive cultural outlook.
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For these reasons and more CIOMIT and CIOMIT Global (our Non-Profit partner organization) is involved with and helps to support the following organizations.

El Sistema Colorado

Music of the Heart Haiti

Colorado Public Radio Instrument Drive

Ear Candy Instrument Donation Program

Lighthouse Baptist Church Orchestra Ghana, West Africa

Africa 2Africa 2HaitiHaiti

If you would like to contribute instruments or financial support to CIOMIT Global's support of music education around the world. Contact CIOMIT Global is a 501 (c)(3) corporation and all contributions are tax deductible.