On Location Training

CIOMIT comes to you! If you have a need to train multiple repairers or just prefer training in your own shop, on location training may be for you. Instead of sending multiple people to CIOMIT, we will come to you! The expense of multiple airfares and hotels can be avoided by contracting our teacher(s) to come to your location. Recently, Dr. Dan traveled to Ghana, West Africa to train 9 repairers, much more affordable than sending 9 people to the USA. The “Music Zone” http://www.musiczoneusa.com/ contacted CIOMIT to train three of their staff in Paducah, Kentucky with fantastic results!

If this sounds like it is for you, contact us today at customerservice@ciomit.com for more information.
NAMIR Spring 2011 MeetingNAMIR Spring 2011 Meeting