Repairs by CIOMIT

We are often asked if we do repair work on customer instruments. Indeed we do.

CIOMIT honor code

Every CIOMIT student commits him/herself to abide to the institute’s guiding values. Our standard is that we do not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do.

CIOMIT vision statement and guiding values

CIOMIT is a learning community. We are men and women of honor and integrity.
• We are dedicated to learning, emphasizing precision work, creativity, and critical thinking.

CIOMIT Mission

By contributing to the world community of music, (giving with no expectation) we add to the overall welfare of individuals and society.

Your Principle Instructor

Dan ParkerDan ParkerDaniel “Dr. Dan” Parker is a master craftsman with 40 years experience in the BSIR trade.

Our Method

You can do it -- with the right kind of help.

The Idea Behind Techactive Learning


CIOMIT instructors have been spreading the knowledge of musical instrument repair for 41 years.

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